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House Refurbishment Merton – Bring Your Home Back to Life

Does your Merton home lack the modern feel or functionality you desire? A house refurbishment or renovation from 3D Design & Build can transform your property.

We specialize in high-quality house refurbishments, creating beautiful and functional spaces that perfectly suit your needs and lifestyle. Whether you envision a complete overhaul in Merton or a refresh of your existing features in Wimbledon, our skilled team can deliver exceptional results at competitive prices.

Bespoke Refurbishment Solutions

Every house refurbishment project we undertake is unique. We take the time to understand your vision and create a bespoke solution that meets your budget and requirements. From completely reimagining your interior design to meticulously restoring existing features, we have the expertise to bring your dream home to life.

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Don’t wait any longer to love your home again. Contact 3D Design & Build today for a free, no-obligation quote on your house refurbishment project in Merton, Sutton, Wimbledon, Richmond or surrounding areas. We look forward to helping you create a space that reflects your style and exceeds your expectations.


Each house refurbishment or renovation that we undertake is different, and bespoke to a client’s individual needs. A project in Merton or Sutton, for example, may involve a complete reimagining of the interior design scheme, and be so extensive that it’s almost like rebuilding the house all over again.

On the other hand, over in Wimbledon we might be working on a more subtle job, giving some existing features some tender loving care, and overhauling the decorative aspects of the property.


Is your property a nightmare to use? It might be that your kitchen is simply too small for the appliance-aided cooking of modern times, that your staircase is annoyingly narrow – anything that reduces the day-to-day functionality of living in your home. In the design phase, our team of house builders can help reimagine a layout that will lend itself to how you use your property.

It may involve knocking through a wall to create an open-plan space, or to merge two poky rooms into one larger one. By changing up the layout of a property, we’ve transformed homes in and around Sutton and Wimbledon beyond recognition (in a good way, of course).


Perhaps the first thing you think of when the words “house refurbishment” come up, is the decorative and aesthetic aspects of a property. The wallpaper, paint job, carpets, skirting boards, haggard fixtures – all these can be reworked or replaced. Often our clients will come to us with inspiration taken from the internet, a magazine or even a TV show.

While a client in Sutton might opt for an ultra-clean, modern, and minimalist decorative scheme, someone in Wimbledon might want to create a warm, rustic and traditionalist home. It’s completely down to you, and your tastes. If you’re a commercial client looking to maximise the appeal of a new asset, we can provide advice on how to maximise the effect of a house refurbishment.


An extremely important, often forgotten aspect of a house refurbishment is the infrastructure lying “under the hood”. This includes electrics and plumbing. In older homes around Merton, Sutton, Wimbledon and Richmond, aging wiring can prove both an impracticality and a safety hazard. There might be a shortage of plugs, or old-style wiring and consumer units that weren’t produced with modern regulatory standards in mind. Likewise, plumbing can be problematic (prone to blockages and generally being slow).

It may be that yours is fine, but if your infrastructure is badly outdated, then a house refurbishment is a great opportunity to bring it up to speed. This can save you a good deal of money in the long run, as old wiring/plumbing can repeatedly experience issues that cost a boatload to keep putting right.

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